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Changing a skirt into (unbelievably cool) shorts:
Right, I’m totally on a roll now getting myself a wardrobe ready for my trip to Costa Rica in a few days. I have to make sure I have enough suitable clothes to take and since I’m not allowing myself to buy any I have to seriously get upcycling and sewing.
I got this wrap around beach skirt from the clothing swap party and initially intended to simply turn it into a simple a-line skirt, (im just not a wrap around skirt type of person), but then I couldn’t stop thinking how nice the material would be as shorts. To make the shorts pattern I used a pair of shorts I already had and drew around them onto grease proof paper to make a paper template to cut around.
Next I cut out the fabric, stitched and overlocked the centre front seam and the centre back seam, and then sewed the front and back pieces together at the crotch.
Then I decided it absolutely needed bright orange edging. So I bpught orange bias binding for £2 and sewed to the leg pieces as shown. Then I sewed together the two sides.
After this I needed to make the waist band. I only had enough of the skirt fabric to use for the front of the waist band so used a grey piece for the inside. I stitched theses to the shorts and then inserted a wide piece of elastic. Finally I sewed over the elastic in bright orange (partly to make it a feature and partly because I forgot to change the thread on my sewing machine!). Sewing over also stop the elastic from twisting inside the channel, you just have to stretch the elastic tight as you sew.
And they are finished. I absolutely love them……truly I think they’re my favourite! :)

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